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Penal law

BST AVOCATS office mainly exercises its activities with all penal jurisdictions, in particular in Geneva but also with federal authorities everywhere in Switzerland and even in other countries if necessary, notably in France, Sweden and Spain through counterparts.

Our lawyers have thus a vast experience in this field and an important network of investigators and other specialists that we put at the disposal of our clients in order to defend their interests at best and with a spirit of neutrality

We assist persons accused of an offence as well as plaintiffs and victims. We support our clients throughout the procedure from the investigation stage till the judgment hearing and within the framework of appeals and remedies.

Quite often the opening of a penal procedure is a very delicate phase especially when one is temporarily deprived of liberty or has to face frozen assets during the investigation.

It is the same situation for victims of an offence who have to face a painful process with a criminal complaint and need help, assistance and advice from a competent and considerate person.

BST AVOCATS office will be able to assist you, even in case of urgency, making every effort to assert your rights.

General penal law

Economic penal law

Law of victims of an offence (LAVI)

Penal juvenile law

Administrative penal law

Military penal law

Protection of privacy and image rights