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Business law/Corporate law

BST AVOCATS Office has a vast experience in the support given to entrepreneurs, be it for the starting up of a new business or for the different stages of its development.

We act either as a legal adviser or for the handling of litigation before the state courts, in Switzerland or elsewhere thanks to  our corresponding partners. Notably, our lawyers will be able to draw up contracts needed for the management of your activities.

We also can carry out the modification of the statutes, the head office or its purpose or even its winding up including in case of bankruptcy.

BST AVOCATS is well versed in debt collection, vast or small, through forced execution or  in the framework of a bankruptcy.

Above all, our lawyers know how to put the necessary guarantees in place for your protection upstream, be it for the suitable drafting of your legal documents or in your various contractual relations.

We will be by your side whenever you need us in the framework of a negotiation, be it with a trading partner or a supervisory authority. It is also true for the granting of any authorization.

Thanks to this strong network, notably of notaries, accountants, insurance companies or experts, every effort will be made to contribute to the success of your activity.

Contract law

Prosecution and bankruptcy law

Company law

Insurance law

Civil liability law

Tax law

Financial and commercial litigation