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Law on road traffic

BST AVOCATS is capable of assisting its clients in this peculiar domain situated in between penal, administrative and civil law.

Be it a serious offence on a simple fine, a revocation of a driving licence or consequences of an accident largely speaking, our law firm is able to expertly advise and assist its clients in this area where problems happen more and more often.

Nowadays – especially with via sicura program- anything wrong on the road can lead to unexpected and often very heavy consequences. The law becomes tougher and tougher and lawyers have to intervene at the early stage of the procedure if they want to be efficient.

Likewise, it is extremely important for the victim of an accident to accurately, quickly and fully assert their rights in particular with insurance companies, otherwise they will be deprived of the compensation they were entitled to.

Law on road traffic

Road penal law

Driving licence

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